Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Casanova di Neri

Facts shared by our tour improve guide:

Quote of the Tour: "Our wines are made in the vineyard"

After World War II Montalcino became one of the poorest places in all of Italy. By the 1970's 60% of the locals had left the area due to extreme poverty. "

In 1971 Giocomo Neri's father established Casanova di Neri. Owning over 380 hectares of land the Neri family only cultivates about 50 hectares of grapes!

Vineyards were planted in the 70's and early 80's using extremely wide spacing with the hope of producing a high quantity of fruit. Since the tighter spacing has been implemented the focus has shifted towards concentrated, complex, and extremely high quality wines.

In 1978 Casanova di Neri bottled there first estate wine.

All Casanova di Neri vineyards are using organics and the cellar is build on a hillside to allow for a beautiful Gravity Flow winery built into a north slope. "we wouldn't plant vines there anyway"

Wild Yeast Fermentation is used when possible.

Grapes are trained lower to the ground to avoid frost in the early spring and late fall.

Cerroalto Vineyard:
Soil is alluvial gravel with extremely good drainage
Plant density is around 7000 plants per hectare
Always dry farmed as all Brunello is by Law
The water table has been measured at over 3000meters below the service!

Don't Forget! Casanova di Neri has a guest house! Max four people a night at 35 Euro per person/per night

2005 Rosso di Montalcino
The rosso is selected in the vineyard before the season is ever started. The yields are typically 40% higher than the Brunello. TN; Right red color, pure red fruit nose. Classic approachable rosso style. Tart dried cherry and acidity that could cut your tongue in half. Like really pure Chianti with chest hair.

2003 Tenuta Nuova Brunello di Montalcino
In mid may of '03 the temperature reached 103 degrees in the middle of the day a few times!
Leaning towards the red/purple colors. Dark rich fruit on the nose. This needs time to settle down. Ripe prune, raisin, chocolate on the know. Ripe and rich while retaining balance! Well made!

2000 Ceralalto Vineyard (single vineyard east of montalcino) Brunello
Dark Center with lightly browning edges. More complex nose with loads of white flowers and dark fruits. Blue berry and Raisin. Much more elegant. Long fine tannin with an extremely long finish

2004 Pietradonice Super tuscan 18 months in Oak
90% Cabernet 10% Sangiovese
Tannin and Oak wrapped fruit on the nose. Balanced while being broad on the palate. This wine is a sleeper! Chocolate, Vanilla, espresso. Napa cab in high heals. Only regulation of this DOC is that the grapes come from the Montalcino Area.

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